The Beginning Of The End

By 2090 oil and gas will run out, as well as other mining products, such as: coal, metal and uraniam and plotunium, according to human estimates.

Some beliefs say it is called “The Beginning Of The End”, this state is called, “The End”.

At first humans were shocked and confused about it, until finally there was chaos, and humans were divided into two groups in dealing with it.

Some of the humans who have been prepared to face it for a long time with sunshine replacement technology, from about a century ago, their leader was named Donald from the West Clan.

Some who were not ready to face it, their leader was named Lion from the Desert people.

In the end, they fought each other over the technology of sunlight owned by the West for the benefit and welfare of the Desert people, which was initiated by the attacks of the Deserters on the cities of the West.

War after war broke out until a new leader emerged, one of them named Tiger, it was Lion’s man who betrayed him

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