Logan and The Vampire

This story inspired by the film Underworld (Lakeshore Entertainment) combining several hero icons such as Logan (Wolverine from Marvel), Vampire and Lycan .

Starting from Logan, who is now an FBI agent and is tasked with investigating missing people who were reported by residents in the City of Pennsylvania.

Logan finally learns that there are Vampires and Lycans who have been at war for a long time.

Logan also met with the leaders of both parties and tried to persuade them to make peace because there were many victims, especially from humans.

Previously, Logan also met King Rengko’s younger sister, Princess Lyla, to hold a meeting to discuss the relationship between vampires and lycans.

But it’s not that easy, because not only was there a war that occurred but there was also betrayal that occurred betwen them, which is between King Rengko, the leader of the Vampires and his mans, and the Lycans and mutants (Logan and Saber Tooth)

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