Category: Pitch A Script


Logan and The Vampire

This story inspired by the film Underworld (Lakeshore Entertainment) combining several hero icons such as Logan (Wolverine from Marvel), Vampire and Lycan . Starting from Logan, who is now an FBI agent and is tasked with investigating missing people who were reported by residents in the City of Pennsylvania. Logan finally learns that there are...


The Beginning Of The End

By 2090 oil and gas will run out, as well as other mining products, such as: coal, metal and uraniam and plotunium, according to human estimates. Some beliefs say it is called “The Beginning Of The End”, this state is called, “The End”. At first humans were shocked and confused about it, until finally there...



BLACK SCREEN 1 SOUND: Car engine sound echoes inside the car. Radio presenters talking in Korean, laughing, and, assumably, making jokes. 2 INT. CAR – MORNING 2 KATIE — 26, dark-brown eyed, wearing a gray sweatshirt and a skinny jean — and MOM — early 50s, rough skin, wearing a worn out supermarket uniform, hair...

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